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Do you want to try Sangria Mar & Sol?

Just access the Yzaguirre Vermouth website,, buy all the boxes of Mar & Sol that you like and have them sent wherever you want.

So now there is no excuse for not sharing me with your friends… or for spending some time with me alone!




The finest Sangria

Sangria made in Spain from red wine cuvee, sugar and natural fruit extracts.

Young, joyful, sweet and refreshing drink that allows your eyes, nose and mouth to savour the full flavour of the young Garnacha and Cariñena red wines it is made of, perfectly balanced with all the subtle aromatic and taste notes of the accompanying Mediterranean citruses, bitter orange-blood orange, lemon, red berries and oriental spices, cinnamon-vanilla, all combined in harmony with the cuvee.
Its excellent organoleptic qualities allow it to be enjoyed as a refreshing drink with no other type of drink added, or else mixed with a hint of spirits, preferably orange-based, and ice to make it the ideal drink for spring and summer days.
It must definitely be served chilled, accompanied with crushed ice and fruit, and drunk either as a cool aperitif, cocktail or main course drink to go with different types of salads, tapas, light rice dishes, fresh pasta, sandwiches, etc.


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